Training Course Developer Program

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Tentative tempat training di Jakarta :Amaris Hotel La Codefin Kemang / Amaris Hotel Mampang

  • Training instructor is the front liner of a training department. His performance and impact represent the department’s quality. Yet, the quality of material an instructor deliver is actually on the hand of a group called ‘course developer’
  • Course developer do the business analysis, competency cascading, develop sequential competency development, resulted in training program. Sadly, not many company has capable people on doing this function.

Outline Training Course Developer Program

Materi Training Course Developer Program yang akan adalah :

  • Instructional System Design
  • Learning Styles & Learning Cycles
  • Adult Learning Characteristics
  • Taxonomies
  • Cognitive Mapping
  • Program Development Process
    • Defining deliverables
    • Set criteria of competence
    • Elaborate targeted competencies
    • Developing cognitive map
    • Drafting specific objectives’ modules
    • Designing activity (lesson) plan
    • Completing training program
  • Program Administration

Sasaran Training Course Developer Program

  • Explain foundations of learning
  • Develop training program based on instructional system design approach:
    • Training Evaluation
    • Training Schematic
    • Training Plan
    • Activity Design
  • Evaluate background thinking and its correlation to a program material

Facilitator Training Course Developer Program

Ronald Tedjasasmita, S.E., M.Pd.

Organization management development practitioner, who utilize people management system within business development framework, to systematically up-scale people competenies. Ronald has been in training and people development for over 18 years, operating in non-profit organization to multi-national company, from trainer and coach to corporate HR Head.


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