Crisis Communication Management And Media Interview Simulation

Pilihan Jadwal Training:

Jakarta, 19-20 Jun 2017

Rp 3.850.000 - Group
Rp 4.050.000 - Early Bird
Rp 4.550.000 - On The Spot
Rp 4.925.000 - Full Fare
Tentative tempat training di Jakarta : Ashely Hotel / Amaris Hotel La Codefin Kemang / The Parklane Hotel


It is understood that any company, industrial/manufacturing enterprise should be well prepared in managing properly any kind of emergency that threatens to harm the company and its organization. Risk of crisis may happen at any time. Therefore, each business unit in the industry must have an emergency plan in place and each staff must be well trained to possess the ability to handle effectively an emergency.

The training materials not only contain academic theories for deeper understanding on what and how to be prepared facing a crisis, as it also open-up legendaric case studies and   practical knowledge on basic communication. Most importantly a full training on facing the “severe” media interviews, with TV journalists shooting camera, is part of a special training for managers/staff personnels as a simulation training is provided.

Training Method

Training Crisis Communication Management And Media Interview Simulation dilaksanakan dengan metode:

  1. Interactive presentation to achieve comprehensive understanding and motivation on Crisis Management & Communication Planning. Risk Management and Damage Control based on Public Relations aspects will be discussed and noted.
  2. Hands-on simulation in Media handling – staff will have to practice in Media Relations and especially in accurately and timely giving information. Communication technique in answering questions to “investigative” journalists will be drilled.

Topics for Discussions

Materi training yang akan di bahas topik Crisis Communication Management And Media Interview Simulation adalah :

  1. Risk, Crisis and Issues. Risk of the industry handling flameble materials: fire; other risks and issues which may damage company’s reputation
  2. Be prepared! Facing emergency of fire explosion. Safeguard employees and the community.
  3. Practical guide lines in Media Relations: Preparing the News Release, setting up the Crisis Center; the 5 W + 1 H Concept
  4. Internal communication preparedness: to the employees, to staff’s family members as well as close business suplyers and users/consumers. External relations: to the stakeholders including the authority (police, hospital, fire fighters office), to Trade/Industry Association, to the neighbouring factories, to NGOs
  5. Restoring normal operations as quickly as possible: Communication Strategy in Damage Control
  6. Hands-on exercises on facing the Media will be video taped and re-run as learning process.


Drs. Ludwig Suparmo, M.Si

Beliau memulai kariernya dari bawah, ketika berumur 20 tahun, sebagai detailer/promosi obat secara ilmiah, kemudian meningkat ke jenjang supervisor, field manager, commercial officer, manager periklanan dan manager komunikasi. Sejak 20 tahun terakhir menjadi konsultan komunikasi dan manajemen, trainer dan pengajar di beberapa institusi perguruan tinggi. Mendapat pendidikan dan pelatihan manajemen di Manila, Philippines,  Presentation Skills dan Negotiation Skills di London, United Kingdom. Setelah terjun sebagai praktisi langsung, menyempatkan diri di hari tuanya menyelesaikan pendidikan Master (S2) dalam waktu 18 bulan dan lulus sebagai  peserta terbaik.


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