Certified Learning & Development Specialist


Learning& Development faces an increasing challenge to justify its effectiveness in the face of rapid changes in business organization and advances in technology. Money spent in learning and development also increases considerably. How can we be assured the quality of learning and development program worth the cost and how can we asses and measure it.

The big issue today is how to manage learning& development program effectively so that it would lead to better performance at an individual, work and organizational level.


  • Certified Learning & Development Specialist Programis a professional development program designed to equip professional HR, trainers, team leaders & business facilitators with the knowledge & skills they need to analyze, plan, conduct, and evaluate dynamic & strategically linked high-impact learning & development programs.
  • Managing overall A to Z of Learning and Development program.
  • Interpret and deliver right-on-time the strategic people competency requirements of the organization.
  • Demonstrate high-level knowledge of learning principles & mechanisms applied to designing & facilitating high-performance learning solutions.
  • Determine the value-added of learning in relation to its contribution to the organization’s total competency.
  • Learning of participants will equip them with competency to interpret and anticipate the learning and development requirements of the organization relative to its strategic directions. 
  • A distinction between training and learning development interventions will be used to determine the most appropriate interventions according to the individual needs of participants and their stakeholders.  Thus Programs designed will bridge trainees’ actual performance gaps and expectations to enable them to deliver standards of exemplar behavior.  
  1. Strategic Partnering with Operations and Line Managers
  2. Identifying the Learning& Development Gaps &  Interventions that Will Produce the Organizational Results
  3. Designing the High Impact Learning and Development Programs
  4. Transfer of Learning: Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap

Human Resource and Line Staff/Supervisors/Managers who are responsible for either or both management & development functions of HR.

Executives and managers of strategic business units, organization functions, and human resource development professionals and champions.

Pungki Purnadi, ST., MM., MHRM

Memiliki sertifikasi HR Management dari Filipina dan telah memiliki pengalaman sebagai profesional HR di  beberapa industri selama lebih dari 25 tahun. Selama karirnya di HR berbagai posisi pernah diembannya seperti Head of Training & Develoment, Head of Corporate Man Power Planing, Head of Corporate Career Development , Head of Corporate Organisation Development and Studies, HRD Manager, serta Senior Human Capital Manager .  Termasuk di dalamnya beberapa penugasan International dan regional.
Pengalaman yang lengkap di dunia praktek HR ini di-‘genap’-kan dengan pengalamannya sebagai trainer dan HR consultant untuk berbagai industri seperti  tobaccos, power plant, telecommunication, pulp & paper dan tourism.
Pungki Purnadi juga adalah salah satu penggagas Sertifikasi Bidang SDM di universitas Atmajaya Jakarta dengan program Certified Human Resources Professional nya (CHRP).

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