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The Internet banking Program is a unique opportunity designed to expand the participants’ knowledge and skills of the world’s newest electronic frontier. . . the Internet. The program provides participants’ with a two days training course on how to access, search, retrieve and post Internet Banking  information. The participants’ then apply their training by sharing it with others in their community.

Internet Banking participants will learn how to use the “information superhighway,” then teach people in their community what the Internet offers and how to access, search and retrieve banking  information.
As the Internet becomes an integral part of our culture and society, the skills to use it become as necessary as knowing how to drive. Internet Banking can help bring participants up to speed.


Melalui pelatihan Internet Banking ini diharapkan:

The  Internet Banking training  sessions shall provide the participants on the use of the Internet with application on the banking services.

Active Internet Banking participants will have opportunities for future training to expand their knowledge and keep up to date on the ever-changing Internet technology.

Internet Banking participants  report that this learning increases even more as they teach others what they have learned.  This is considered one of the greatest benefits of the program.

Have thorough understanding of   Internet Banking within the scope  and framework of  Information System ManagementEnhanced knowledge and skill in dealing with the operational issues as related to internet services within day-to-day banking operationEnhanced the horizon in IT Banking  system by applying the concept and philosophy of Information System ManagementCapability in understanding IT services and Internet Banking Services  and establishing the performance measures on the servicesCapability  to contribute ideas for the set up development framework of the Information System and  its implementation as related to Internet banking Services.

Target Audience

Pelatihan Internet Banking ini ditujukan untuk para:

Information System users and especially Internet Banking service users.


Materi training yang akan di bahas topik Internet Banking adalah :

Session 1

  • Welcome Session
  • What is the Internet ?
  • What is the Internet  Banking?
  • E-mail
  • How e-mail works
  • Using e-mail
  • E-mail using Eudora
  • Internet Mailing Lists
  • News Groups


  • Introduction to the World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Using browsers – Netscape and Explorer
  • Searching
  • Evaluating information you find

Session 3

  • Learning Style
  • Volunteer Plan
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Session 4

  • Explorer File Manager
  • Searching for Software
  • Downloading files
  • Virus Protection
  • Compressing & decompressing files
  • Encoding & decoding

Session 5

  • Web pages – Introduction
  • Basic HTML
  • Web Editing

           – Netscape Composer

          – FrontPage Express

  • Web Page Design

Session 6

  • Web Pages

        – Adding sound

        – Look at class web pages

        – Working with images

  • FTP
  • Plug-ins

Session 7

  • Offline Browsing
  • Shopping and selling on the Internet
  • Internet Banking
  • Getting connected
  • Evaluating a provider

Session 8

  • Answering questions
  • Role Play
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Evaluation


Fauzi Hasan


Having vast experience in the project management area with areas of exposure such as: banking IT & Telco, manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries, enhanced with application of business process improvement procedure in line with CMMI methodology; while also delivering consultancy in IT strategy and audit, and supplemented with direct involvement in the setting up of BCP and DRP complementing the establishment of DRC for local Indonesian banks and government institutions.

Business development and sales executive experienced in direct operational involvement in the information technology and telecommunication services. Major focus in satellite-VSAT/DMV/ ISBN and wireless OFDM, CDMA and embryonic form of 3G services, while having vast experiences for combined Telco solutions with diversified media and technology platforms applied in diversified Industry.

Strong exposure and with hands on knowledge of business process re-engineering and information technology implementation specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning cushioned with telecommunication network. During the exposures has presented deliverables such as:

  • Project management for Bank, telecommunication industry, Oil &Gas
  • CMMI application and Information system audit implementation
  • Set up Telco services business for Oil and Gas
  • Set up project management services and IT application services business in the Oil and Gas Industry sector
  • Set up and expand the VSAT DMV services to major Oil industry
  • Set up TETRA radio telecommunication business (NOKIA) in Indonesia, especially with Police dept and the TNI, and other government agencies
  • Developed a strategy to implement IT application especially the ERP supporting the business processes in the area of logistics and supply chain management
  • Initiated and developed a strategic alliance with a global computer company to design and market GIS system products
  • Manage strategic corporate accounts at government institutions and major private organizations on hardware, software and telecommunication services
  • Implement eTOM deployment in Saudi Telcom (STC), extensive exposure in process decomposition, and conducted BPAM and ITIL training to STC staffs
  • Lecturer in IT governance and certified project management professional and in IT security, also supply chain management
  • Develop and introduce the Integrated Logistics Services or Third Party Logistics to the Indonesian industrial community (Singapore Technology Logistics)
  • Ran organization as a business within a business based on a custom driven philosophy, by introducing new concepts, programs and direction to increase productivity and efficiencies.
  • Proven marketing and sales ability in closing management services different countries
  • Negotiated and dealt with executives of multinational on various aspects of business ventures.
  • Develop the Disaster Recovery Services business plan and execute with local and regional partners (SingTel)
  • Develop and implement strategy for the implementation of SISKOMDAGRI project-telecommunication networking of the Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Set up implement strategy for Telecommunication services business (Telco)
  • Set up Intelligent Video Network/ IVN business with Scopus International in Indonesia

Strong strategic thinker, planner, and problem solver with leadership quality for achieving bottom-line goals, including managing multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural teams toward a common purpose.

Conceived and marketed a new trend and concept of Third Party Logistics facilitate clients with outsourcing the logistics and supply chain activities in the direction of generating efficiency and productivity as related to Oil and Gas industry. Developed and implemented programs for corporate accounts and the channels for the hardware and application systems as catalyst to the business acceleration and achievement at Hewlett-Packard.


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