Conducting Digital Forensics: Gathering and Preserving Electronic Evidence


One of the key challenges in today’s world for fraud examiners and investigators is the increase number of utilization of technology in workplace at any organization across the globe. Hence, the opportunities for fraudsters are widely opened, day in day out, more than what they have in the past.

Desktops, laptops, tablets, feature phones, smartphones, digital cameras, even watches and GPS devices are all possible sources to abet a fraud. On the flip side of a coin, they also all leave behind digital trails.

Therefore, this course is aimed to introduce attendees with the essential knowledge and skill setthey need when their investigation turns up electronic evidence starting from evidence collection, chain of custody, expert designation and analysis. In addition to that, the participants will understand what and how digital forensics examiners do their jobs and get the insights on how to effectively collaborate with them as part of their investigation activities.

Tujuan Pelatihan

Melalui pelatihan Conducting Digital Forensics: Gathering and Preserving Electronic Evidence ini diharapkan:

  1. Categorize digital storage types and characteristics
  2. Identify types of crimes involving digital media
  3. Understand and handle digital evidence wisely
  4. Seize digital evidence and recognize the legal implications
  5. Secure, preserve and analyze digital evidence
  6. Understand the forensic examiners role and responsibilities
  7. Recognize digital artefacts and methodology for imaging digital evidence

Metode Pelatihan

Training Conducting Digital Forensics: Gathering and Preserving Electronic Evidence dilaksanakan dengan metode:

The course will be delivered with 30% of the time devoted to important concepts and other theory topics and 70% allotted for hands-on practice, case studiesand group discussion. Training lead will be assisted by presentation slides and actual demonstrations for clear understanding and smooth follow-through during the sessions.

Target Peserta

Pelatihan Conducting Digital Forensics: Gathering and Preserving Electronic Evidence ini ditujukan untuk para:

Individuals, professionals and organizations who are interested, involved or responsible for conducting digital forensics as part of their fraud examination and investigation activities such as but not limited to lawyers, attorneys, judges, legal professionals, investigators, examiners, auditors, IT professionals, and other anti-fraud professionals.

Outline Materi

Materi training yang akan di bahas topik Conducting Digital Forensics: Gathering and Preserving Electronic Evidence adalah :





Valuing Computer Forensics as Critical Component of Fraud Examinations



Identifying Computer Forensic Examination Process



Mastering Computer Forensic Investigation from Gathering Evidence to Producing Exhibits



Knowing Various Types of Digital Documents, Correspondence and Communication



Introducing Digital Searches and Evidence Seizure



Comprehending Digital Forensic Methodologies, Tools and Techniques



Understanding How Digital Forensic Sources, Identifies and Secures Electronic Evidence



Identifying Information Needed from Digital Forensic Examiners



Assessing Information Needed from Digital Forensic Examiners



Gathering and Handling Necessary Evidence in the Most Appropriate Manners





Goutama Bachtiar

Goutama Bachtiar adalah : Advisor, Auditor, Konsultan, Trainer, Courseware Designer dan Penulis bidang Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi selama 17 tahun terakhir dengan spesialisasi di ranah IT Governance, Risk, Security, Assurance, Audit dan IT Management.

Saat ini beliau menjabat sebagai advisor beberapa perusahaan dan organisasi, Subject Matter Expert, Program Mentor, Editorial Journal Reviewer, Certification Exam (CISA, CGEIT, CISM, CRISC) dan Study Materials Developer di ISACA International Chapter, Subject Matter Expert dan Program Evaluator di PMI International Chapter, IASA, SABSA dan Open Group Global Working Group Member, Reviewer Panel di International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Dosen Tamu di program pasca sarjana beberapa universitas di AS dan Indonesia (UTB, UI, IPB dan Binus), serta moderator, panelis dan pembicara di sejumlah konferensi, workshop dan seminar.

Sebagai auditor dan konsultan, telah memberikan layanan tersebut kepada 35 perusahaan dan organisasi. Puluhan sertifikasi internasional sudah diperolehnya sampai dengan saat ini.

Selain itu, beliau juga telah mengadakan dan memberikan pelatihan, perkuliahan, seminar, konferensi dan workshop sebanyak lebih dari 230 sesi dan 5500 jam lebih kepada sekitar 7500 peserta di Indonesia maupun luar negeri kepada lebih dari 70 perusahaan dan organisasi.

Sebagai penulis, sudah mengarang 2 buku dan 22 courseware serta sudah menulis, melakukan review dan editing atas 300 artikel, manuskrip, paper dan white paper seputar Telematika dan Manajemen di lebih dari 20 media, publikasi, organisasi, jurnal dan konferensi.


10-11 Dec 2021

Kuretakeso Hotel - Kemang / Blue Sky - Slipi/Best Western Premier - Cawang

Rp 4.35jt - Group
Rp 4.95jt - On The Spot
Rp 5.225jt - Full Fare


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